Mother cries help for her son Rayray, 8, who’s suffering from a heart defect

  • A FB post of a mother asking help for her beloved child went viral
  • Rayray, 8, has a heart defect
  • The child’s family, apparently, have no means to provide him proper medication
Image capture from Josephine Acuzar’s FB photo

A mother’s love is unconditional and irreplaceable, they say.

Sunstar, on one of their Mother’s day story, states “A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child”`

Recently, a Facebook post of a mother crying, asking help for her beloved child appeared to have touched thousands of netizens; making the video reach more than 2,400 reactions, 2,300 comments, and about 77,000 shares.

The mother’s prayers on the video isn’t clear though because she’s weeping.

According to the FB post by Josephine Cabantao Acuzar, the mother seeks help for her child Rayray, eigth years old, who has a heart defect.

The child has a hole in his heart and, apparently, the family has no means to provide proper medication for the child.

“Ang kanilang lugar Sa SARANGANI MALUNGON GAMAY. mahirap lng po sila sana matulungan ang bata nahihirapan na siya sa kanyang sakit, kahit share lng po para umabot kang #jessicasoho plss share. ito yong #09489753643.” the post said.

[Their location is in Sarangani Malungon Gamay, they’re impoverished. I am hoping somebody would help this child for him not to suffer anymore. Please share this to reach Jessica Soho. Please share. Here’s the number: 0948-975-3643.]

We’re wishing this FB post will reach a good samaritan so that Rayray and his mom’s suffering ends! And they will enjoy a happy life as mother and child.

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO | Image capture from Josephine Acuzar’s FB photo
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SunStar, Facebook