Camille Prats announces she’s pregnant with third child

  • Camille Prats announced that their family’s Christmas gets merrier
  • She’s pregnant with her third child
  • The actress said her pregnancy is a “surprise” and a “blessing” all in one
Image capture from Camille Prats’ YouTube video

Actress Camille Prats happily announced on Christmas day via social media that she’s pregnant with her third child.

“Our family is getting merrier coz a little present is on the way! God’s greatest gifts comes in surprises and we are over the moon! Unwrapping on July 2019! Truly a Merry Christmas indeed from our family to yours! #YambaoFamof6,” Prats posted on Instagram as caption to the photo of her and her family in front of their Christmas tree.

The actress got married with businessman VJ Yambao in January 2017. Their first child together is Nala who was born on September 2017.

Prior to their marriage, the two each had their own child from their former relationships.

They shared a video documentary titled Best Christmas Gift Ever! on Prats’ YouTube channel wherein she narrated how they found out about her pregnancy.

Prats said after she had no period for some time, she decided to take a pregnancy test — which showed a faint line, meaning, it’s positive.

Image capture from Camille Prats’ YouTube video

She and her husband VJ Yambao visited her obstetrician-gynecologist to confirm the result of the test.

The actress said her pregnancy is a “surprise” and a “blessing” all in one.

Prats and Yambao were elementary classmates at OB Montessori, and they haven’t crossed paths again since his transfer to another school.

Years later they met again when VJ passed by and approached her. They communicated through a social media platform until the friendship turned into love.

The two appears very sweet on their Instagram posts.

Yambao promised her on their first wedding anniversary that his love for her will remain forever.

“1 year went by so fast but my love for you will remain forever, and whenever I look into you for the past 1 year I know I must have done something good because God gave me you. Happy first anniversary my love! I love you.”

Image capture from Camille Prats’ YouTube video