Angara pushes for schools to have armchairs for left-handed students

Senator Sonny Angara is pushing for a bill to help left-handed students be more comfortable while learning.

Senate Bill No. 2114 aims to require all schools to have armchairs for left-handed students. Senator Angara said that left-handed students “are currently left without a choice but to work with right-handed armchairs.”

Image by Sonny Angara via Facebook page

The senator cited that several studies show that right-handed armchairs do not offer left-handed students the same arm support, which could lead to the latter getting back, neck and shoulder pain. Angara said that this might even affect the student’s performance in school.

“The inefficient and awkward writing position that left-handed students must adopt in right-handed armchairs causes slower handwriting, placing them at a disadvantage on important timed examinations,” Angara said.

The senator is urging the government to listen and address the concerns of left-handed students. Angara added that in the United Kingdom, they are already trying to call their government to address these “schoolroom struggles” which affect the development of students.

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Angara added that education experts already proved that thousands of left-handed students struggle because of failure to meet their needs. He cited that findings of Lauren Milsom, author of “Your Left-handed Child” noted, “left-handed students were often unable to use the mouse in computing lessons, and find scientific instruments, such as microscopes harder to use because the controls were on the right.”

Angara’s bill hopes to address these concerns and require all schools, public and private, to provide “appropriate” armchairs in the classroom to help their students.

We are one in pushing for these concerns to be addressed.