Woman proceeds with bridal photo shoot despite losing her fiance

An Indonesian woman whose fiancé was among those who perished in the recent Lion Air plane crash decided she needs to continue their wedding photos.

Last November 11, Intan Indah Syari was supposed to get married to her fiance Rio Nanda Pratama. Unfortunately, Pratama didn’t make it to their wedding as he was one of the passengers of the Lion Air flight JT 610 that crashed on October 29.

Image by Intan Indah Syari via Instagram account

Pratama, a doctor, was on his way home from Jakarta after attending a 3-day medical training. Before he flew on that fateful trip, the couple already picked their wedding rings and even Syari’s wedding gown.

Pratama reportedly seemed to have had a bad feeling over his trip because before he left he asked his soon-to-be bride to make a promise. Syari disclosed that her fiancé told her, “If I don’t return before November 11, still wear the dress I chose. Make yourself beautiful and ask for a fresh white rose. Then take a lovely photo and send it to me.”

Image by Intan Indah Syari via Instagram account

To honor her promise to her beloved, Syari staged a wedding photoshoot. She even had Pratama’s younger sister pose with her in place of the groom.

“For you my lover Rio Nanda Pratama, thank you for giving me a sister who is so great, strong, smart, merciful and kind, just like you,” the heartbroken woman wrote on Instagram.