Sealed with a kiss? The moment when a graduating student accidentally kisses “Ma’am”

  • A graduating student received his diploma
  • He was about to kiss Ma’am on the cheek but ended up kissing her lips instead
  • The clip became viral with more than 3.7 million views and 45,000 shares
Image capture from Junnel Animo’s FB photo

Each of us have probably experienced a moment wherein we did something awkward though unintentionally. Sometimes, it could be a bit ‘historical’ which may get huge online attention.

Recently, a Facebook video of a graduating student who accidentally kissed his “ma’am” on the lips while he was being given his diploma went viral.

The FB video shared by Junnel Animo has already garnered 3.7-million views, 51,000 reactions, and more than 45,000 shares as of posting. Many found this funny; getting nearly 10k comments.

Animo, the uploader, captioned the video, “Yung di inaasahang na kiss mo si Mam, naaaaaks”

[The moment you accidentally kissed “Ma’am.” Naks.]

Image capture from Junnel Animo’s FB photo

Netizens, meanwhile, shared their reactions towards the viral video:

“Di ko mapigilan mapahagalpak, bakit may pagkiss pa naganap tatanggap lang ng diploma haha.”

[I couldn’t stop laughing, why kiss in the first place while receiving a diploma. Haha.]

“Kaya pala may palabas na Glorious e dito pala nanggaling yon.”

[The film Glorious might’ve gotten its inspiration from this.]

“Sealed with a kiss yung diploma niya from mam haha panis.”

[His diploma was sealed with Ma’am’s kiss. Panis.]

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO | Image capture from Junnel Animo’s FB photo
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