Story of Success: Former ice buko vendor, now CEO of a cost-saving energy company in Guam

A story of ‘rags to riches’ is the life of a Filipino-American living in Guam who once dreamed of having a good life.

Rino Manzano, who hailed from Camarines Sur, was once a bet collector and sometimes sells ice buko in the streets to help his grandmother when he was young. Manzano was from a poor family living in the town of Nabua and because of their condition he and his grandmother sometimes make salt and oil as a dish.

Eventually, with hardwork and perseverance in selling memorial plans and being a waiter, Manzano finished college until he passed the board exam and became a certified public accountant.

Image via Rino Manzano’s Facebook

Now, Manzano is one of the most sought leaders in the power engineering and energy integrating designs sector.

In addition to being the chief executive officer (CEO) of PODER company, he is also a general manager of Marianas Energy Co. in Guam.

Some of the famous power plant designs that is worth millions of dollars are designed by Manzano’s company, and some of its clients are from South Africa, South Korea, and some countries in South America and the United Kingdom.

When asked about his advice to the youth, Manzano said to just continue to be patient and do not give up on any problem, because success is not about the color of your skin or size.

Image via Rino Manzano’s Facebook

“I have worked with Enron and I’m the only one with brown skin and I’m the shortest guy… But I’m never scared, because if you know what you are doing, it doesn’t matter if you are small, if you are brown, or whatsoever. You can do it,” he said via ABS-CBN.