Parrot causes an emergency call out by mimicking the sound of a fire alarm

British firefighters rushed to a home in Daventry, UK after receiving a number of reports involving a “multiple activation of a smoke alarm.”

Firefighters have found no flame or smoke, but rather a parrot capable of imitating the alarm tone of the smoke detector of the residence.

Image via Northants Police YouTube account

“When we arrived at the property, the householder assured us there was no fire and we checked and cleaned the smoke alarms to try and prevent further activation,” said Watch Commander Norman James via NDTV.

“While we were doing this, we could still hear an alarm in the background and soon realized it was an African Grey parrot Jazz continuing to do his excellent impression of a smoke alarm!” he added.

The fire department even shared a hilarious video of Jazz the parrot imitating the smoke alarm.

“It certainly made the crew smile and although it was a false alarm because there was no actual fire, we were thankful that the householder — and of his two parrots Jazz and Kiki — were safe,” said Mr James.

Jazz’s owner, Steve Dockerty, said that the feathered creature likes to imitate things and that he imitated the smoke alarm so well that they called the fire brigade. All the while, Jazz was sitting in his cage laughing his socks off.