No signal elsewhere? Residents of barangay hang their phones in sari-sari store

  • A mobile phone is an important part of our life, but it can’t serve its primary purpose without a signal
  • A certain barangay in Surigao del Norte has no signal except for one house
  • The citizens hang their phones in Aling Berjida’s store to catch the signal
Photo from Pixabay

Mobile phones have already become an important part of our life; being primarily used to keep in touch with family members and friends, to conduct businesses, and for emergency purpose, among others.

Having no signal would be a hassle — as without a signal, it can’t perform its primary purpose.

Image via KMJS Facebook post

The Kapuso magazine program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho recently shared in its Sari-saring Signal segment that Barangay Karihatag in Malimono, Surigao del Norte has no signal elsewhere — except for Aling Berjida’s abode which has a sari-sari store in front. Hence, the residents in the barangay frequent the sole location  for that much-sought signal; employing any means to receive and send valuable messages.

As seen on the photographs posted by the show on Facebook, the residents hang their mobile phones in the store of Aling Berjida to get a signal! It can’t be helped that Aling Berjida is updated with her kabarangays’ latest stories; as she disclosed in the episode that she knows everyone’s secret, as a result.

Image capture of KMJS Facebook post

Netizens, on the post’s comment section, expressed their disgust over the Philippine telecommunication companies which should have been providing services.

Some, however, practiced Pinoy humor once again; finding hilarity in the story.

“Sarap isabit jan ng iphoneX.. mayamang mayaman dating mo jan.. wag klng malilingat, baka akala prutas e mapitas.”

[It would be nice to hang an iPhone X, feeling super rich. But keep an eye on it though as, like a  fruit, someone might want to pick it.)

When a phone rings, everyone would come running to check, some commenters hilariously posted. As it is, Aling Berjida is oftentimes forced to go the phone’s owner to inform the latter if there’s a call or a message, as per the episode’s story.

And why only cellphones with keypads? Well, touchscreens can’t catch the signal at Aling Berjida’s store; that’s why!