Lola sees, hugs sibling after 58 years

  • Semiona Dumanog Casabuena left Samar to work in Manila
  • She said she cried, missing her family
  • After 58 years of no communication, sisters went emotional seeing each other
Image capture from ABS-CBN News’ YouTube video

A 75-year-old grandmother turned emotional after ABS-CBN’s magazine show Rated K made her ardent wish to see her sister come true.

According to an ABS-CBN News story, Semiona Dumanog Casabuena haven’t seen her sister Hermehilda Dumanog Belangel for 58 years since she left her family when she was 16 to work in Manila.

Semiona said finding work in Samar was very hard at the time, and she only finished grade 3.

In Manila, she started working as laundress, and later on, a relative offered her to work as a cook in a restaurant.

The old woman said, “Kapag gabi ako’y naiiyak na lang, naalala ko ‘yong magulang (ko),” [every night, I cry, I remember my parents] as she no longer have communication with her family.

Thereafter, she had her own family — her husband promised to bring her to Samar once they have money which apparently wasn’t granted.

Semiona’s son Fernando said she’s even unaware of the status of her family.

Image capture from ABS-CBN News’ YouTube video

Rated K then asked her to come with them for a promised shooting for a video appeal to see her sister, but to her delight, it was the show’s way of surprising her because they’ve already found Hermehilda.

The two hugged each other; followed by tears of joy.

Semiona said, “Hindi ko alam na darating ito.” [I never thought this time would come.]

The sisters made memories as Hermehilda had to go back to Samar to take care of her grandchildren.

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