Duterte says he won’t let ABS-CBN franchise renewal pass

  • President Rodrigo Duterte said he will object the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN
  • He said the network committed many frauds
  • Duterte accused the network for not airing his campaign ad during the 2016 poll
Image capture from Rodrigo Duterte’s IG photo

President Rodrigo Duterte won’t let the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN pass the Congress because he “will really object” it, the chief executive said on Thursday in Boracay during the distribution of land titles to natives.

ABS-CBN News quoted him saying, “Hindi ko palusutin. Iyong franchise n’yo matatapos. But let me ask you questions first. Kasi ako talaga mag-object na ma-renew kayo. Alam mo bakit? Magnanakaw kayo, estapador.”

[I will not let that pass. Your franchise will end. But let me ask you questions first, because I will really object to the renewal. You know why? You are thieves.]

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According to GMA News, the leader said the Kapamilya Network committed so many frauds to which they need to answer or else the extension to run an outfit will be opposed.

He brought back his accusation that the network did not air his paid campaign ad during the 2016 poll.

Duterte continued, he was offered a reimbursement later on but he refused as the election is already finished.

“When you do that to many people, it’s fraud. You’re actually a fraud when you actually received money and you don’t come up with your part in the bargain,” he said.

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Inquirer published that Duterte has repeatedly criticized ABS-CBN for its alleged biased reporting.

ABS-CBN is presently seeking a franchise renewal for 25 years, House Bill No. 4349, and is still pending in the Congress.

Its present franchise will expire by 2020.