Sen. JV Ejercito files bill proposing standard P40 parking fee for first 8 hours in malls, hotels

  • JV Ejercito filed a bill seeking to standardize parking rates in commercial establishments
  • Ejercito said there is a cry from the public against exorbitant parking fees being collected by commercial establishments
  • The senator’s bill proposes a P40 parking fee for the first 8 hours
Image from Sen. JV Ejercito’s Facebook page

Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito proposes to standardize the exorbitant parking fee being collected by commercial establishments such as shopping malls and hotels from their clients.

Currently, many commercial establishments are charging their customers for the use of a parking space for a single vehicle a rate of P40 for the first three hours and additional P10 for every succeeding hour. The establishments usually give a 10-minute grace period wherein no fee is collected if the customer’s vehicle entered and exited the parking lot within the grace period.

On October 2, 2018, Sen. Ejercito filed Senate Bill No. 2044 otherwise known as the “Parking Space Regulation Act of 2018.” The proposed measure aims to standardize the parking rates to the following:

  1. A standard parking fee of P40 per vehicle for a maximum parking of 8 hours, and additional P10 per succeeding hour
  2. A one-time fee of P100 for overnight parking
  3. A 30-minute grace period
Image capture of video by Hour Philippines TV via YouTube

Another important feature of Sen. Ejercito’s Senate bill is making the establishments imposing parking fees responsible for the safety of the vehicles and preventing them from invoking a waiver of liability in case of loss of or damage to the vehicle.

According to the Inquirer, establishments that are exclusively devoted to providing parking for vehicles are exempted from the standardized parking rate.

“The cry from the public against the common practice of charging exorbitant parking fees by shopping malls and commercial establishments has been burdening a lot of people. Something must be done here”, the senator said in filing his proposed measure.

A fine of P100,000 per customer charged with overpriced parking fee shall be imposed against erring establishments and the possibility of their operating license being revoked.