‘PowerPoint’ presentation of a student who has no laptop touches hearts online

If there’s a will, there’s a way, as the saying goes.

The “PowerPoint” presentation of a student who has no laptop has been making rounds online; inspiring a lot of netizens, touching many hearts.

On Twitter, teacher @Ah_ahmazing uploaded a photo of his less privilege but determined student who has no laptop but still found means to educate the class on her presentation day using a “PowerPoint” report made of paper.

The teacher expressed admiration for the student, “Salute to this girl. I love you.”

He shared that the young woman is a working student who does not have enough time and resources for the usual PowerPoint presentation where one uses a laptop and a projector.

“She is a working student who needs to work six hours a day before going to class. I understand if she was not able to transfer her visual aids to a more appropriate paper for she has no time at all. Yet she delivered perfectly everything in her report, detail by detail,” he wrote.

Many were touched by the girl’s efforts and dedication on her studies.

Some, however, said the teacher –who knows the student’s situation– should have lent his laptop to the student.

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