OFW seeks help from Tulfo regarding dispute with his wife

Looks like Sir Raffy Tulfo is forced to become a ‘marriage counselor’ from time to time?

Feeling so confused, OFW Jilson went to Raffy Tulfo in Action for assistance to set things straight with his wife, Chelo Pangue, who was allegedly having a relationship with a guy named “Ram”. According to Jilson he has lots of evidence of his wife’s infidelity after her boyfriend uploaded several pictures of them on IMO, a social media and messaging application. However, Chelo claimed that Jilson had known about their relationship for a long time.

“Alam na niya po yon, noon pa po ‘yon na may relasyon na po kami non ni Ram,” she said.

Chelo added that his marriage with Jilson was forced and she didn’t expect that Jilson would turn out to be obnoxious. She mentioned that one of the reasons why she’s probably looking for another partner is because Jilson didn’t trust her in handling money which she believes she doesn’t deserve.

Image capture of video by Raffy Tulfo in Action

Jilson then said that it was the parents of Chelo who suggested that he should handle the money since Chelo tends to splurge her money on nonsense items. Adding to that, he said he once allowed Chelo to handle his credit card but to his surprise, he got a very high bill as she has spent so much money and used the credit card for payment.

Furthermore, he said Chelo borrows money from her colleagues and he’s the one left to pay for it. When Tulfo asked where the money went, Chelo said she used the money for her family and that she was having a house built which irked Tulfo who said it is not right to spend your entire money on your family members because their money should be used for their future and not to help their family members.

“Mali nga naman po yon, ma’am, kasi ‘yung pera po ninyong dalawa mag-asawa pera n’yo po dapat ‘yun, dapat gagastusin n’yo ‘yun para sa future na plano ninyo tulad ng pagpapagawa ng bahay, o negosyo pero hindi po para itulong n’yo sa kamag-anak ninyo,” Raffy said.

Image capture of video by Raffy Tulfo in Action

Chelo was firm with her decision to separate from Jilson and said she was bound to fly back to Dubai. Jilson, on the other hand, is okay with the separation; however, he claims that Chelo was asking money amounting to P50,000 and threatening him regarding Jilson’s flat in Dubai which he had been using for rental which is reportedly strictly prohibited in the country.

“Okay, okay lang sa ‘kin ‘yun and problema ko nagbabanta ka. Nanghihingi ka pa ng P50,000 tapos babantaan mo pa akong ipapasarado mo yung flat ko,” he said.

Image capture of video by Raffy Tulfo in Action

Raffy instructed the two to calm down and talk their issues over; discuss their next steps, whether they will have an annulment or whichever would be best in their situation.

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