No more jail time for violators of Quezon City ordinances

  • Violators of Quezon City ordinances will be issued violation receipts instead of detaining them
  • Offenders will be issued an Ordinance Violation Ticket indicating the offense and corresponding fine
  • Violators are given five days to pay the fine
Image from QC Mayor Herbert Bautista’s Facebook account

A new city ordinance recently approved by Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista enables violators of city ordinances to avoid spending time in jail. Instead, they will be issued violation receipts similar to those issued to erring motorists.

The new ordinance, SP 2752-2018 known as the “Quezon City Procedure in the Implementation of City Ordinances” , is expected to minimize congestion in detention facilities in the city.

Congested city jail (image capture of video by The Straits Times)

As per the Inquirer, the violation receipt, called Ordinance Violation Receipt, indicates the offense and the corresponding fine. Violators would be given five days to pay the fine at the barangay (village) hall where the violator was apprehended or to the City Treasurer’s Office at the Quezon City Hall. Upon payment, an official receipt will be issued.

“After payment, the violator shall present the official receipt to the apprehending enforcer, who shall attach a certified true copy of the receipt to the documents of the case and the case shall be considered closed,” the new ordinance said.

Violators who do not have the means to pay the fine may render community service instead. A formal complaint before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office will be filed against offenders who fail to pay the fine on time.

Violations covered by the new ordinance are drinking of liquor in public places, going around half-naked in public places, defying curfew hours for minors and smoking in public places.