Never too late to follow your dream: Former reporter Steve Dailisan is now a pilot

  • Steve Dailisan is now a pilot
  • He is a former GMA News reporter famous for his news outro “Steeeeeveeeeee Dailisan”
  • The pilot narrated his humble beginnings during his college days
  • Dailisan said it is just the beginning and it excites him to know that there’s much to learn
Image capture from Steve Dailisan’s FB photo

Former GMA News reporter Steve Dailisan who is known for his famous news outro “Steeeeeeeevvvvveeeeee Dailisan” is now a pilot, according to GMA News.

In a lengthy Facebook post by Dailisan, he shared that him becoming a pilot seems like a ‘punch to the moon’ as his parents struggled to bring him to college; adding, “how much more in a flight school.”

He narrated his experience having to work double time in college to make sure he maintains a grade that would exempt him from paying the tuition fee in a State University for his degree. Moreover, he worked to sustain his daily needs.

Dailisan disclosed that becoming a pilot is not a childhood dream but a destiny he realized after finishing his Master’s degree.

The pilot said he has been a fan of air crash documentaries — which thrills him each time he boards a plane.

He further shared his experience in the actual flying — he memorized the procedure but panic took over him and he suddenly froze but his professor assured him he’s in control — and he felt so thrilled as he saw himself learning the process of flying.

Image capture from Steve Dailisan’s FB photo

On his first solo flight, he said he felt unexplainable mixed emotions of fear, thrill, and excitement; though he knows his life had already been in an unsure fate when he worked as a reporter — but he did it and went emotional.

“Flying a plane requires a lot of preparation, concentration, discipline, and hard work. It’s no easy job because you only have minutes or seconds to respond. The result can either be catastrophic or a huge success,” he said.

He added, “I may have been struggling financially now but my family and friends are more than enough to keep me going.”

Dailisan said him becoming a pilot is just a beginning and it excites him to know that there’s much to learn.

“Who knows one day, while flying I can continue telling stories of people who have big dreams, too. Remember, “It’s never too late to follow your dream, reach the sky and be with your stars.” A Broadcast Journalist, aviation enthusiast, an aspiring Airline Pilot… I am Steeeeeeve Dailisan. Cleared for Takeoff!”

Image capture from Steve Dailisan’s FB photo