Lauren Young, Ejay Falcon lauded for their dramatic scenes in a Korean Drama

  • Lauren Young and Ejay Falcon appeared in a Korean Drama
  • Netizens lauded their performance
  • Where Stars Land is a drama series depicting the lives of Incheon International Airport’s employees
Image capture from KimYumSuk’s YouTube video

Filipino actors Lauren Young and Ejay Falcon recently appeared in two episodes of the Korean drama titled “Where Stars Land”, and amazingly, their performance received positive responses from fans.

Last month, as published by GMA News, Young and Falcon went to Korea to shoot the episodes.

According to the streaming website Viu, as posted by PEP, Falcon played the role of Ian Santos in the series; a Filipino who was caught entering Korea with a forged passport and who begged the Immigration Office to just allow him to be with his wife while she gives birth.

He promised to leave the country right away; however, he was forced to go back to the Philippines. While on his way to the plane, he pushed an accompanying staff and worker.

Where Stars Land, also known as Fox Bride Star, is a Korean drama depicting the lives of employees at Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

It stars Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin.

Image capture from KimYumSuk’s YouTube video

Netizens, moreover, shared their praises for the Filipinos’ portrayal in their dramatic scenes.

“Ang galing niyo po. Tapos ko na panoorin.” [You were great. I watched it.]

“Napanood ko na. OMG. Ang galing galing nyo po. Nakakaiyak ‘yung pagkikita.” [I watched it. OMG. You were great. I felt like crying over the reunion scene.]

“Watching now. Galing.” [I am watching now. Great.]

Here are some clips from the episode, video by KeekYumSuk on YouTube: