Ellen Degeneres’ good news for Marcelito Pomoy: Celine Dion wants to meet you!

  • Pilipinas Got Talent‘s second season grand winner Marcelito Pomoy guested on The Ellen Show
  • Ellen has good news for Marcelito
  • Celine Dion wants to meet the Filipino singer
  • Marcelito narrated his humble beginnings as a ‘pin boy’ and sleeping in the street
Image capture from Marcelito Pomoy’s IG photo

Pilipinas Got Talent’s (PGT) 2011 grand winner Marcelito Pomoy has not only impressed the audience of The Ellen Show and Ellen Degeneres herself during his guesting in the famous U.S. show last October 29.

The famous television host had some good news for the Filipino singer as well. Turns out that Celine Dion — whom he considers as his inspiration and his favorite singer — wants to meet him!

Ellen was quoted saying, “You love Celine Dion. She’s my friend and I called Celine, told her about you. She wants to meet you. So you’re gonna go to Vegas, you’re gonna see her show.”

Pomoy expressed his overwhelming excitement on meeting the Canadian singer; saying “thank you” with a slight bow.

The PGT winner, according to entertainment website Push, received a standing ovation after his ‘hair-raising’ performance of Dion’s song The Prayer where he did both the tenor and the soprano verses. Ellen called him unbelievable.

He told the host, via an interpreter, he couldn’t believe himself guesting in the show — even when he was Skyped by the latter.

Image capture from Marcelito Pomoy’s IG photo

Pomoy narrated his humble beginnings as a ‘pin boy’  wherein he earns Php50.00 a day, enough to buy food — and sleeps in the street during night time.

He said he started singing at the age of seven, and, later on, got discovered via the ABS-CBN’s Pilipinas Got Talent.

The guest told Ellen he is not confident in his talent before joining the singing competition, but decided to take the opportunity with the hope of reuniting with his family.

Image capture from Marcelito Pomoy’s IG photo