Coco Martin gifts electric fans, huge sofas to staff members

Coco Martin proved that he considers his “Ang Probinsyano” actors and staff members as part of his family.

Image by Coco Martin via Instagram account

Coco has been known to give “second chances” to actors and actresses who have lost their shine in the entertainment industry, including Whitney Tyson, Mystica and Rhed Bustamente. But also known for his humility and generosity, the actor often keeps mum about his good deeds.

So, it came as no surprise when a staff of a high-end supermarket shared with the Philippine Star that Coco bought several sofas and electric fans for his  “Ang Probinsyano” staff members. The staff received a check under Coco Martin’s name as payment for the furniture and appliances. And to save the staff from hassle, Coco had all the items delivered directly to their own homes.

Coco has always been in the receiving end of praise and compliments from his co-actors for his kindness.

Rowell Santiago, who plays President Oscar Hidalgo calls Coco as an “industry leader.” Santiago previously shared with ABS-CBN, “Unang una dahil gusto niya makatulong sa mga nangangailangan pati na rin sa mga veteran actors who needed a comeback.” [First because he really want to help those in need, including the veteran actors.]

Even Angel Aquino was all praise and even called Coco a “hero” for everything he does for his co-actors.