“Buhay Zero Waste” Inspires More Netizens to Practice the Same Lifestyle

Zero-waste lifestyle — This should be everyone’s practice if we really want to help save our environment and keep it clean and safe; no floodings and garbage just about anywhere.

Images via Buhay Zero waste facebook page

Well, the good thing is that there are families and individuals, as well as groups, who really exert effort towards having a zero or low waste lifestyle — even if it means doing little steps at a time.

There’s the  Jimenez family who shared their zero waste journey in order to inspire others to also help in taking care of the environment. They make use of eco-friendly materials such as shampoo bars, ecobags, wooden toothbrush, and cloth diapers, among others and follow the 5 R’s as guide  — reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and rot.

Comments show just how their efforts are being appreciated:

“Zero waste power couple!!!”

“Yes to zero waste!”

“Nakaka-inspire kayo! We are starting our journey paunti unti din sa bahay!”

“Isang huwaran ang pamilya na ‘to salute sa inyo.”

“Inspiring and encouraging!”

The plastic pollution is a global concern and the huge majority should  take part in preventing it from worsening all the more.

This is where community groups — like “Buhay Zero Waste” – play a huge positive role; such that members help each other on their respective journeys.

The “Buhay Zero Waste” is a PROACTIVE Filipino community trying to reduce the amount of waste in their day-to-day living. The group is open for anyone at any stage of their journey to a zero-waste life in the Filipino setting. Their goal is “to spread the love for our environment, to be mindful consumers, and to make the group a platform of resources and support towards zero-waste living.”

Indeed, much could be learned from the BZW group and members have  expressed delight over the platform of resources. Many have been inspired to follow suit and are sharing their own tips and observations.

“No to single use plastic.”

Image by Clyde Ericson via facebook post

Meanwhile, here’s a creatively done thought-provoking campaign video shared by Vitalstrats via YouTube  to create awareness on how single-use plastic items wreak havoc in the environment. Each item’s life span is also highlighted, to encourage responsible lifestyle changes among the people …. moreso starting with the kids. It is hoped that this could be integrated into school lessons regularly. I really love how they did this.

Also, here’s an invitation for Friday!

The EU is organizing a live streaming event on Friday, October 12, at 2pm with Antoinette Taus, GreenMan Matthias Gelber and Karen Ibasco, who will share their suggestions and experiences on how to live more green and plastic-free!

Having a zero waste life may not be that easy but starting it right now, little by little, would result to a lower waste, right? Sharing this would be a big help, too!