Video of Boy’s Brave Reaction to Dogs Chasing Him Draws Laughter, Admiration

A video of a boy being chased by dogs and how he chased back has gone viral on social media.

Image capture via Twitter @Azimdisini 

Social media pages and individuals have been sharing a video (probably taken in Malaysia) of a boy who bravely faced dogs who tried to chase him while he was riding his bicycle.

The boy showed the dogs he’s not scared of them and even acted like he was picking up stones and aiming at them. He even chased after them too to show he’s superior. It sure looks like the boy is well aware of how to act in case of incidents like this one.

Laughter and humor poured on comments sections. Online users found the clip very funny and helpful at the same time; reminding them that in such an incident you have to be cool and ready to think fast. However, there were those who reminded everyone that some dogs don’t get scared right away and might still chase and bite so it’s best to still be ready in case of continued chase.

Click the image to watch the video

Wikihow describes the dogs’ actions as “predatory aggression”; motivated purely by the desire to hunt or chase. Even well-behaved dogs sometimes pursue someone on foot.

The best way to react in this situation, Wikihow says, is to remain calm, stand your ground, resist the urge to run, and prepare to fight back.

Keep calm. Why? If you start to run, the dog’s predatory instincts will kick in and it will most likely chase you more..

Stand your ground. The dog’s way of trying to scare you away is to bark and chase.  Wikihow’s advice is refuse to react and instead stand still with your arms by your sides and “be a tree.” If you do this long enough, the dog will eventually calm down and lose interest in you.

Because most dogs only chase people in an attempt to scare them away, standing still and backing away calmly would usually work. But remember not to turn your back on the dog, Wiki says, as this may trigger its predatory instincts if it is still excited.

It’s safer to turn away from the dog when you’ve put some distance between you and the dog. You may check on more tips about this from WikiHow.

Image via WikiHow