For Yaya: KC Loves Her Nanay Lina So Much She Gave Her a House

To many Filipinos, a nanny is more than just a household help… they’re family.

Images via Instagram

Like her mother, the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, Kristina Cassandra Concepcion has a nanny who’s been a part of her growing up.

While Sharon’s yaya Loreta Benitez — or Yaya Luring as she’s fondly called in the entertainment industry —  had served their family for 40 years it turns out that aside from Yaya Luring, KC also has her own yaya who took care of her since she was a baby.

Yes, Kc’s got Nanay Lina whom she loves so much that she gave her a house!

This was revealed on Thursday via Instagram Stories when Nanay herself admitted that her baby KC gave her a house; saying: “Binigyan ako ng bahay niyan” as she pointed towards KC who was taking the video.

The clip was, apparently, taken during a quality lunch time with her nanny.

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Indeed, KC’s expression of gratitude does not end with just heartfelt Instagram posts.

In August 2015, she posted on Instagram her love for nanay Lina: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my precious NANAY LINA!!! i Love you so so much!!!! you mean the world to me nanay. Thank u sa lahat ng love and pag alaga mo sakin, nanay. Ang hirap nang makahanap ng katulad nyo!!!! Special kayo, and I’m so thankful na binigay kayo ni God sa akin. Enjoy this new year ahead of you, nanay! Stay sexy!”

The lovely actress-model also paid tribute to her Nay Lina last year during the #InternationalWomensDay; for devoting her life to their family.

Then again in March 2017 KC expressed her love to her yaya on Instagram; pouring  her gratefulness for the one who cared for her as a baby, would watch over her while Sharon worked, and would hide her secrets (as well as her midnight snacks) as a child.

“Up to this day her handwritten cards touch me so much, and so do the tears in her eyes whenever she sees me again after a long time It’s rare to have that kind of love,” her post said.

It’s truly so special to have long-time househelpers who are so dedicated to helping and serving our family.