Flying Car: Pinoy Inventor’s “Konsepto Millenya” Makes Filipinos Proud

Don’t forget his name — Kyxz Mendiola  — the Filipino inventor who’s getting a lot of international attention now for being able to come up with a flying car.

Yes, you read that right. Indeed, it can be classified as a flying car.

Mendiola has unveiled what he describes as a flying sports car to represent the future of transport.

Tagged as “Flying Kyxz”, reports say he’s a  dancer (award-winning Philippine All-Stars) and a filmmaker — who became more interested in drones which he employs for some shoots. He said he actually started making drones eight years ago for filmmaking.

A couple of years ago, he started experimenting on how to come up with a  flying machine using drone technology despite having no background in engineering.

He disclosed owing everything he knows to the internet; spending hours and hours of reading, learning and watching. So determined, right? He then worked on the prototype for years, and voila! The Koncepto Millenya was ‘born’.

He said it’s like a drone car; an Electric Manned Aerial Vehicle (EMAV) that uses droneor multi-copter technology to fly.

The EMAV, he said, has 16 motors, 16 propellers, and 4 sets of batteries. Moreover, all of the technology has been fully tested, he added.

Mendiola is now known internationally as the inventor of the first-ever flying car in the Philippines – and the smallest one in the world.

His first public test flight took place in Batangas on September 23, 2018 and he described it as a perfect launch although the maiden flight lasted just a little over 10 minutes.

Click the image to watch the video shared by Kyxz Mendiola via Facebook

The “Koncepto Milenya” could fly as high as 20 ft. and speed up to 60 kph (37 mph).

How is it flown? Mendiola said: “Press a button and it will go up, then push the stick forward, it goes forward. It’s very smart, that’s why I’m saying it has a lot of potential.”

An hour’s drive could be shortened to five minutes via the Konsepto Millenya, he further said; disclosing that an added safety feature is that the craft’s 16 rotary motors allow it to keep flying, even if one or two fail. Sounds good.

Star8, an Australian company,  has partnered with Mendiola in developing the flying car.  Something great to look forward to especially that it was started by a fellow Filipino. Fly high, Kyxz!

Flying Kyxz shared these videos on YouTube. Watch and be amazed!

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