The “Beauty” and the “Beast”

What makes a person beautiful and what makes one a beast?

For others whose definition of beauty is what the naked eyes can see, count me not! I look at beauty in a different perspective.

I see beauty having to wash many dishes, it means we have food on the table.
I see beauty on piled-up laundry, it means I get to wash the clothes of the people I am with, the people that I love.
I see beauty in the sounds of giggles, of laughters, of songs and music, it means I am surrounded by happy people and after all, without music, what would this world be?

I see meaning in everything. I see beauty in all beyond what anyone else can see!

I see beauty seeing the street children, it means an opportunity for me to help.

I see beauty in the darkness, I may bring light so others may follow and see.

How about beast?

For those who are blind to see what beauty is in every thing, there is the other side, I would like to call that the beast.

The beast is the one whose tolerance is low.

You were caught in the traffic and the pressure is going high on you. You were suddenly mad, shouting and uttering bad words to other motorists on the road. What’s that for? Can that fix traffic? You were now turned into a beast.  The beast mode is on! 😉

Your officemates are throwing green or bad jokes on you.  Your tolerance to those kind of jokes are low when suddenly you felt like not talking to them anymore. You preferred to have lunch on your own.  That beast is on you!

You were working in the office and you missed to do a task given by your superior. You were reprimanded because of your negligence so you answered back in a loud voice and walked out of the room.  When your superior left, you’ve decided not to work anymore and became unfocused. You said that was your revenge because you were not treated fair at all! You’re a beast!

Now, who would you like to be, a Beauty or a Beast?