Sizzling Photos of Kim Domingo On Instagram Are Going Viral!

The 22-year-old model and actress Kim Domingo shows showed off her skin, by uploading several alluring photos on her Instagram account a few days ago. Prior to that, Kim hopes that she will be recognized not just for having a sexy body but also be recognized for her acting skills.

Kim would like to reiterate that aside from her voluptuous body, she likes to prove that each and every one of us has a talent that deserves to be discovered. She also confessed that as early as now, she’s thinking she has been thinking on how to last in Entertainment industry in the Philippines, just like the other well-known celebrities for years.

I want to prove to everyone that talent still reigns, Ang pagiging ‘pantasya ng bayan’ ay hindi kasing simple ng pagpapakita ng katawan. Sex appeal is beyond showing skin. -Kim Domingo

It can be recalled  the time when that Kim started to be become popular when she uploaded series of videos doing Dubsmash, a series of lip sync videos.  where This was about the same time Maine Mendoza, or also known as “Yaya Dub” also became popular and how enjoying her fame with Alden Richards.