FEU Conducts Art Exhibit Featuring the War on Drugs in Philippines and Its Effects

Far Eastern University (FEU) is conducting conducts an art exhibit today entitled “Hudyat: Filipino Artists for Human Dignity” that which will run until March 25, 2017. , whereas the Masterpieces about the war on drugs and its effects of FEU artists will be featured as well as together with well-known Filipino artists.

The names of FEU artists participating in the exhibit, being led by Ricky Francisco are as follows:

  1. Ma. Eugene Aniar
  2. Christopher Bautista
  3. Manuel Billoso
  4. Gabriel Gapay
  5. Archie Jacinto
  6. Alexandre Dalit
  7. Jun Concepcion
  8. Candido Manarpiz
  9. Dexter Sy
  10. Victor Sison
  11. Gene Paul Martin

The exhibit is also blessed to encourage the that members of National Artist for Visual Art will to join.  Names such as Pandy Aviado, Xyza Bacani, Benedicto Cabrera, Nikki Luna, William Elvin Manzano, Rick Rocamora, Mark Valenzuela, Veejay Villafranca, Antipas Delovato, Patricia Evangelista and Toym Lmao Imao, will grace the exhibit.

FEU Conducts art exhibit featuring the war on drugs in Philippines and its effects
Photo via GMA News Online

Guests can also witness Raffy Lerma’s popular photograph of a woman cradling her slain husband as well as Toym Lmao’s  Imao’s “Desaparecidos” and “Prometheus Unbound” of Jose F. Lacaba.

The FEU Director Martin Lopez also stressed that this art exhibit is meant to open the eyes of students as well as the public to become aware of certain issues happening in the Philippines,  since art is very influential. The Hudyat Exhibit aims to provide a better understanding when it comes to human rights, human dignity and most of all to take a stand on different issues we have in our country.

Therefore, Lluch Dalena one of the sculptors in Art Exhibit,  told GMA’s Unang Balita Reporter Katrina Son that it’s about time for artists to really speak up, she said:

“My idea is just to mourn. I just want to mourn all these people killed across the country, killed with impunity, with little conscience or no conscience at all. Art is a very powerful tool to express he sentiments of the people.”