Video: E-cigarette Explodes on Young Barmaid

RICHMOND, North Yorkshire – An 18-year-old barmaid was very fortunate to have escaped being harmed by an e-cigarette which suddenly exploded during her work shift on Saturday.

The barmaid, Laura Baty, was on duty and serving at the Buck Inn Hotel in Richmond, North Yorkshire, when she heard a loud bang followed by fire coming towards her.

It turns out that her co-worker’s e-cigarette was the source of the explosion after it had been plugged into an iPad charger—presumably the butt of an iPad charger.


She narrated: “I felt the heat as I ran away,” and as luck would have it, she managed to get only a charred dress and shaky nerves.

Firefighters have warned about the perils posed by battery-powered cigarettes after it has caused blazes and even exploded while it was being charged.

A Florida man’s e-cigarette exploded while it was in his mouth last year, and it tragically resulted into a hospital treatment to treat burns to his face.

In addition, Firefighters have reminded e-cigarette users that the most common cause of fire appears to be either using incorrect chargers or over-tightening of the screwed connection to the rechargeable battery resulting in mechanical damage.

Watch the video captured on their cctv:

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