Samsung Could Face Raps For Using Obama “Selfie” for Marketing Promotion

Cellular phone giant Samsung could soon face litigation after the company reportedly used a “selfie” photo of United States president Barrack Obama illegally for a marketing campaign.

The White House said the possible case against Samsung is now at the hands of their lawyers since using the likeness of any American president in commercial and marketing purposes is strictly prohibited by law. The selfie pertains to a photo showing a beaming Obama alongside Major League Baseball star David Ortiz, while holding a Boston Red Sox jersey presented by the team.

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Ortiz, who earlier tweeted the photo, came to the White House and the whole Boston Red Sox team on a belated victory lap, after winning the World Series baseball championship last year.

According to reports, after the selfie photo was tweeted, the White House already warned Samsung not to use the president’s likeness for commercial gain. But instead of heeding the call, Samsung re-tweeted the photo which eventually became viral on the internet.

White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer said Obama had no idea that his selfie photo with Ortiz will be used by Samsung to promote its smartphones. Sources said Ortiz, is one of the newest endorsers of Samsung.

A selfie in similar proportion is the second to happen involving Samsung this year. During the 2014 Oscar awards, host Ellen Degeneres also used the stunt to do a group selfie. Degeneres, who is also one of the endorsers of Samsung, took a group selfie in the middle of the show, consisting of some of the Hollywood superstars present to promote her product.

Among the Hollywood A-listers present in the group selfie were Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt,  and Jennifer Lawrence among others.

The Oscar Hollywood selfie was a huge hit that it became the most re-tweeted photo of all time on Twitter, one of the widely popular social networking websites today.

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