Facebook Mobile Messaging to Disappear, Users Forced to Install Messenger App


For all the Facebook Mobile users out there, here are some bad news.

In a span of two weeks, the messenger application which is intricately part of the whole mobile interface of Facebook will soon disappear for both IOS and Android phones.

You might ask, “How can we chat friends now without the built-in messenger?”

The answer: install the messenger application. Alone.

Facebook announced last Wednesday that the messenger will be completely removed from mobile users in Europe, particularly in England and France, which urges them to download a separate one in their phones.

Once European mobile users have installed the stand-alone messenger app, all countries will follow suit.

Unfortunately, this is not a test for some future upgrades, just like what Twitter is currently doing.

The largest social networking site has officially announced last Wednesday that Facebook Messenger is a solo application which promises a faster  and reliable performance compared to its predecessor.

“Once the whole process is complete, we expect the core apps to be faster,” a Facebook spokesperson said in their interview with The Verge.

“We have built a fast and reliable messaging experience through Messenger and now it makes sense for us to focus all our energy and resources on that experience,” the company added, as reported by Reuters.

This drew a lot of negative feedback from mobile users which heavily centered on the inconvenience of running two applications at the same time.

“I already have way too many installed applications and recently did some app spring cleaning to sort out the mess. If I add Facebook Messenger, I’m unlikely to use it often enough to want to keep it,” Lance Ulanoff from Mashable said.

There are some few exceptions to the rule though.

Lower-end Android phones with memory constraints will have the built-in messenger in their Facebook Mobile. Windows phone and Tablet Users are not yet required to install the messenger as it will still be part of the whole interface.

However, critics noted that once the Facebook Messenger for Tablet users is available, chatting with friends and loved ones will be made in the separated application.

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