Mystery of Flight MH370 Phone Calls Explained

The strange phone connection to the mobile phones of the passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had created hope for their relatives who remain hungry for information since the flight’s disappearance on Saturday, March 8.

Their phone call attempts were greeted with ringtones instead of immediately going to voice mail, fueling speculation that the plane remains to be intact.

One Facebook user commented, “Frustrated! … There are reports from family members that phone calls to their missing loved ones have ‘rung through,’ indicating the phones aren’t on the bottom of the ocean.”

However, technology industry analyst and “E-Commerce Times” columnist, Jeff Kagan, told CNN in an interview that the ring tone does not establish anything and points out that it is one of the “sad parts of technology.”

“When you place a phone call on a wireless phone, what happens is you start hearing ringing but the other phone isn’t ringing yet. The network has to find the phone and they have to send the call there. If it doesn’t find the phone after a few minutes or after a few rings, then typically, it disconnects and that’s what’s happening,” Kagan explained.

He continued, “So, they’re hearing ringing and they’re assuming it’s connecting to their loved ones, but it’s not. It’s the network sending a signal to the phone letting them know it’s looking for them.”

Kagan also pointed out that most smartphone batteries don’t last for a day.

He ended the interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer saying, “Just because you’re getting ringing, just because the signs that we see on these cell phones, that’s no proof that there’s any — that’s just the way the networks work.”

Photo credit: CNN
Photo credit: CNN



    1. It didn’t just happen now… The author wasn’t stating that these empty ring tones were a direct result of this plane crash. This is the way this technology has worked for years.

  1. just wondering, there are more than 200 adult passengers in there and almost all of them have their cellphones and subscribed to various cellular companies. Is it not strange that any of these companies cannot track the locations of any of the subscribers through their monitoring/tracking systems?

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