Game Developer Says “Flappy Bird” May Fly Again

“Flappy Bird”, a widely successful free game which was suddenly pulled out from the Apple and Android stores last month, may be back in the mobile devices soon, according to its creator Nguyen Ha Dong.

In his interview with The Rolling Stone Magazine posted on its website on Tuesday, the Vietnam-based creator said he is considering bringing “Flappy Bird” back to life.

Despite the game’s massive success, Nguyen Ha Dong decided to take it down a month ago because of the pressure it brought to his simple life. Moreover, he was also distressed by messages of users telling him that the game’s addictive qualities made them lose their jobs or fail in exams.

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In his Twitter account, he wrote:

“I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down,” he wrote. “I cannot take this anymore.”

About 10 million people downloaded the game in just 22 hours after Nguyen Ha Dong made the announcement on Twitter t. Since then, clone versions are still emerging.

A month after he deleted the game, Nguyen Ha Dong said he is now enjoying a quieter life.

Launched in 2013, Flappy Bird is a mobile game in which gamers try to direct a flying bird between sets of green pipes without hitting them.

Developing New Games

Although Nguyen Ha Dong is not working on the new version of the game, he revealed that he will be coming up with new games. This includes an action game chess, a vertical flying game or “Kitty Jetpack”, and a cowboy-themed shooter of which one will be launched this month.

Among these games, the “Kitty Jetpack” seems to be the most promising. The game is similar to “Flappy Bird” but will feature a kitty cat instead of a bird, and a jetpack instead of wings.

According to technology experts, the worldwide publicity of Flappy Bird will strengthen Vietnam’s flourishing software and games development sector.


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