Are Younger Users Moving Away from Facebook?

Facebook's welcome screen (Photo credits:
Facebook’s welcome screen (Photo credits:

Premier social networking site Facebook has been in existence for 10 years, however people who are running the popular site are now facing a challenge on how they would retain their spot, especially at the advent of competing social networking sites, and the possible  dwindling number of younger people using it.

The Agency France-Presse reported the news, as the news agency interviewed several youngsters on San Francisco regarding the issue.

One of them is 17-year old Owen Fairchild, who admitted he uses other sites such as Tumblr, and Snapchat.

However, “I think Facebook is still very popular even though some people might be losing interest,” Fairchild, an 11th grader from the Alameda Community Learning Center reiterated.

Meanwhile, Susannah Sharpless also spoke, telling she was more interested on Instagram, The Princeton University student also said she and her friends found using Facebook consumes much of their time.

“Everyone in my friend group went through this stage where we hated Facebook and deleted it,” Sharpless told AFP.

She added, “Facebook isn’t done. I think it is just changing in the way people use it.”

As the respondents spoke regarding their opinion of why they are “not using Facebook,” the social networking site’s executives such as chief financial officer David Ebersman dismissed the questions regarding the matter and said, “We are working on great products that all our users, including teens, will take seriously.”

Months ago, there were reports showing that more people from the younger generation had stopped using the social networking site, and instead depended on the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr.

Research analyst David Elliot solidified the teenagers’ claims; saying these people might change their habits when using the popular social networking site, but it does not necessarily mean they are leaving it. He also pointed out several of the innovations by Facebook, such as their real-time status update series that seemed similar to Twitter, and their introduction of a mobile app.

“It is not a zero-sum game. You don’t stop using one network because you start using another.” Elliot, who works for Forrester, said.

Elliot also rebutted the possible “doom,” claiming that Facebook is even dominating the entire competition.

Socialbakers, a social media network analytics company, had a study where the site’s interaction of people ages 13 to 24 grew about 29 percent in 2013.

“The youth is your ‘seed corn’ to make sure your service grows; they drive something like this. The ‘trendy’ kids at school need to be at Facebook,” Independent Silicon Valley analyst Rob Enderle said.


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