Retired WWE Star Foley Disses Royal Rumble

Former WWE wrestler Mick Foley criticized his former league over the outcome of its' pay-per-view event Royal Rumble (Photo credit: TMZ)
Former WWE wrestler Mick Foley criticized his former league over the outcome of its’ pay-per-view event Royal Rumble (Photo credit: TMZ)

Retired professional wrestler Mick Foley vented his sentiments through social media, as he lashed on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for not putting a good show for its audience on its first pay-per-view event called “Royal Rumble.”

In a post made just a few minutes after the Royal Rumble culminated in the micro-blogging site Twitter, Foley ranted: “Does WWE actually hate their audience? I’ve never been so disgusted with a PPV.”

His tweet triggered thousands of people who expressed their outrages regarding the pay-per-view event held in Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sunday evening, making the post a hot topic on several online discussions and news portals.

He even threatened to throw a brick on his TV set after watching the event.

However, the WWE Hall of Fame member reiterated, his rant is not about criticizing Batista, his good friend and the 2014 winner of the main match. Thus, he respected the latter on his achievements both on and off the wrestling canvas.

In addition, he voiced his frustrations for not putting Daniel Bryan as part of the 30-man casted Royal Rumble match. His remark sparked a debate on his own Facebook page.

On the other end, Bryan used his Twitter account to apologize to his fans for his absence in the professional wrestling’s over-the-top-rope battle along with a pool of fellow WWE superstars.

The 2013 Slammy Awards’ Superstar of The Year blamed the organizers for his exclusion.

“They try to keep US down and away from the top spots, but they can’t ignore the reactions forever. Keep voicing your opinions,” Bryan said with the hashtag #YESMovement

Thousands of fans sympathized on Bryan, the proof of which was that his post was re-tweeted 12,000 times.

Fans who witnessed the Royal Rumble live also expressed their disbelief through Twitter. In the aftermath of the event itself, user posted tweets regarding their dismay on the outcome of the matches using the words “Royal Rumble” as the main topic.

In the wrestling company’s Facebook page, the WWE asked: “Did you enjoy tonight’s Royal Rumble?” and 26,634 people voted “thumbs down,” compared to 7,467 who voted “thumbs up.”

Foley expressed hope that the WWE can make things right on the next big thing called Wrestlemania, which will happen about 10 weeks from now.

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