iPhone Case with 650K-volt Stun Gun Now Available

A photo of the activated iPhone case that also doubles as a stun gun. Photo credit: Yellow Jacket Case
A photo of the activated iPhone case that also doubles as a stun gun.
Photo credit: Yellow Jacket Case

A new invention is now available in the market: an iPhone case that also doubles as a stun gun.  It comes equipped with an electrode capable of delivering 650,000 volts of electricity to stop would-be attackers and, ideally, allow the user to escape and find help.

The case was invented by Yellow Jacket, LLC, providing iPhone users with a higher degree of protection while also protecting their gadgets from damage. It is also available in a wide range of colors, pink to blue to grey, allowing you to jazz up your phone while also converting it into a protective gear.

The case can be used for iPhone 4S, 5S and 5C. New models are currently under production to include a wider range of smart phones and gadgets.

Safety Features

One major concern regarding the product is its safety.  Thankfully, the inventors placed a plastic electrode cover that must be removed before the stun gun can be activated.  The safety switch button must be pushed up.  Only after that can pressing the power button activate the device, delivering electricity to the prongs.

If one of the features of the safety switch is not engaged, the device will not work; thus, there is no danger that the user will accidentally endanger himself or others.


Triggering the device delivers 650,000 volts of electricity to the prongs.  For maximum effect, these sharp prongs can actually penetrate clothing to deliver the desired results without the would-be victim having to worry about finding exposed skin on the attacker.

Aside from the obvious protective features, the user also gets the added advantage of having an extra battery that could extend the phone’s life for up to 20 hours.  Moreover, the case was designed to have a 10% power reserve so that even when the phone’s battery is already drained, the stun gun can still be used to protect the owner.


One major disadvantage that the case brings to owners is that it bulks up the phone, making it an inch thicker and 4 ounces heavier.  Most people opt for the lightest and thinnest mobile phones available so the product can feel cumbersome.

Water resistance was also not incorporated when the inventor created the device.  Moreover, the device interferes with the phone’s camera features, making photos less sharp because the flash is hindered.  One workaround would be to remove the top cliff off the case but that defeats the purpose of the case.

Eureka Moment

Inventor Seth Froom, the founder of Yellow Jacket, got robbed at gunpoint in 2012. Froom reveals that he owns a stun gun and firearms but when he was robbed at his home, he was only holding a phone at the time.  With no way to defend himself, he watched helplessly as the robbers looted his place.

Still, the event gave him a eureka moment, so that he sought ways to incorporate a stun gun into a mobile device.  He realized that people buy cases to protect their phones but these are only used to protect the unit, not the user.  Combining a protective element such as stun gun into the case can greatly improve the device to protect both owners and their phones.

To date, the stun gun case is currently only available in the US and international shipping is not offered.

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