Selfie Video Featuring Gary and Gab Valenciano, Goes Viral

Screen grab from a "super selfie" video made by Gary Valenciano and his son Gabriel (Photo credit: Examiner)
Screen grab from a “super selfie” video made by Gary Valenciano and his son Gabriel (Photo credit: Examiner)

“Mr. Pure Energy” Gary Valenciano and his son Gabriel created a super-selfie video and caught the world’s attention when it went viral.

The 38-seconder showed the father-and-son tandem dancing to the tune of a remix version of “Separate Ways,” a track popularized by the band Journey.

As of this writing, the super-selfie video has earned 611,000 views, just six days after the younger Valenciano uploaded it at the popular video streaming site YouTube.

Several websites gave good feed backs on the dancing father-and-son’s clip. commented, “Both father and son are putting on their best “dance as if nobody’s watching” moves and wearing ridiculously dated outfits as they jam out to a song that was made for dancing by yourself.” featured the video in their article titled “Selfies Don’t Get Any Better,” and stated “Gary and Gabriel Valenciano are a father-son pair with moves like Jagger. The duo performed an epic dance to a remix of Journey’s “Straight Ways” in this absolutely awesome video.”

The Huffington Post also gave a positive review, saying “”This is just too ridiculous to not love.”

The Valenciano’s super-selfie video was also featured in Good Morning America, an ABC-produced morning television show in the United States.

Gary’s wife Angelie Pangilinan spoke to the Yahoo Philippines regarding his son’s plan to spend the season with the family. And asked about the possibility of creating another super-selfie video, Angelie replied, “Perhaps when he comes home.”

Gabriel Valenciano lives in the United States, studying Recording Arts at Full Sail University, in Florida.

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