NASA Spots Two Enormous ‘Dancing Black Holes’ in the Center of the Galaxy

A pair of enormous black holes were spotted using a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space telescope, circling around each other.

Researchers described it as ‘galactic cannibalism’ where each black hole’s force will combine and as it is drawing closer to each other, extreme disturbances in space and time will occur to create massive gravitational waves. Merging black holes will emit a massive blast of energy, visible enough to be seen across the universe.

A Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope captured several images of galaxies and black holes but only one particular photo stood out; this ‘incredibly rare’ image labeled as ‘WISE J233237.05-505643.5’ showing millions or billions of mass and energy more than our sun, gushing from both holes and it led the researchers to a conclusion that something strange is happening at its core.

Scientists dubbed it as ‘death spiral’ and claimed that they have seen it before and stated it could help us understand how the formation of first galaxies took place.

“At first we thought this galaxy’s unusual properties seen by WISE might mean it was forming new stars at a furious rate. But on closer inspection, it looks more like the death spiral of merging giant black holes,” said Peter Eisenhardt, Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s WISE project manager.

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