The World’s Most Expensive Phones

(Photo Credit:  luxpresso)
(Photo Credit: luxpresso)

DUBAI, UAE  – In a world driven by its need for information as well as the need to connect, the phenomenal and rapid developments in IT and communications technology during the last few years have allowed the mobile phone to metamorphose from a luxury of the few, into everyone’s necessity.

It is unimaginable nowadays to think of life without tinkering on a mobile phone, to receive a call, send a message, browse the net or check the news.

But just how much are you willing to squander, just to have bragging rights that you own the most expensive phone among the lot?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a telecommunications company is offering three mobile phone models that cost as much as US $194,000.00. Etisalat, a major telco in the Gulf area, has a product line of Gold Vish cellphones, in three models that can be ordered and delivered to a UAE address from Switzerland.

The bottom of the line model is the Gold Vish Cell Phone Centerfold which costs around US $32,500.00 (AED 119,250.00). According to its description, the phone is covered with 18K solid yellow gold + 1 diamond (0.15 carat). The next step up is the Gold Vish Cell Phone Beyond Dream which will set you back around US $60,000.00 (AED 215,650.00). This model is made of 18K solid yellow gold plus a VVS1-grade top quality Wesselton diamond. The third and the most expensive among the three is  Gold Vish Cell Phone Like Heaven,  costing a whopping US $193,400.00 (AED 709,750.00).  It is made of 18K solid white gold plus 1639 diamonds (11.3 carat total weight).

According to the marketing ads, ‘each GoldVish cell phone is made in the heart of Switzerland with traditional watchmakers craftsmanship and precision. All parts are finished by hand and are set microscopic with VVS diamonds for lasting beauty and quality. It is not only the sheer beauty of GoldVish that impresses; it’s also the phone features and modular structure that amaze.’

The phone also feature sapphire glass display, speakers with crystal clear technology, and a solitaire center button. An order requires around 1 month for delivery, plus an additional US $82 surcharge.

However, if you think those phones are ‘too pricey’, think again. The following list is taken from the website all10list ( These prices range from exorbitant to simply outrageous:

10. Iphone Princess Plus – US $176,400

-Designed by Peter Alloison, with 17.75 carats of diamonds with 18K white gold around its rim

09. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond – US $300,000

-Very sleek design by Garen John with black diamond for plating. But unlike the others, the price of this phone is mostly due to its state-of-the art technology.

08. Vertu Signature Cobra – US $310,000

-Exclusive design by French Jeweler Boucheron with two diamonds, two emeralds and 439 rubies. Only 8 units is be available for sale.

07. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot – US $1,000,000

-With 45.5 carats of black diamonds and a back panel made from 200-year old African Blackwood, the world’s most expensive wood. Only three units were made.

06. Diamond Crypto Smart Phone – US $1,300,000

-Designed by Peter Alloison covered with 50 diamonds, 8 of which are rare blue diamond. Also the logo and navigation key is made of 18K gold.

05. Gold Vish Le Million – US $1,300,000

Made of 18K white gold set with 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds. This was designed by Emmanuel Gueit.

04. Iphone 4 Kings Button – US $2,400,000

-Another design of Peter Alloison coated with 138 brilliant cut diamonds along the sides. Its main attraction is the 6.6 carat diamond home button.

03. Iphone 3Gs Supreme Gold Striker – US $3,200,00

-Its casing is made from 271 grams of solid 22K gold and the screen trimmed with 53 pieces of  1-carat diamond. Its home button is covered with 7.1 carat diamond, single and rare.

02. Iphone 4 Diamond Rose Edition – US $ 8,000,000

– Designed by Stuart Hughes, its antenna band and the blackplate is made of rose gold. It is also decorated with 100 carats of flawless diamonds besides the logo that  has 53 more. Its home button is made of platinum and a rare 7.4 carat pink diamond.

01. Iphone 5 Black Diamond – US $15,300,000

-The latest from Stuart Hughes. There is a 26 carat black diamond on the home button, 45 more on the logo for a total of 600 and is coated in gold. This was reported to have been custom-ordered by an unnamed Chinese businessman. Hughes took nine weeks to complete the designed phone.

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