Meet The Woman Behind Apple’s Voice Application ‘Siri’


Siri, a voice-activated virtual assistant, is Apple’s famous voice application introduced on October 4, 2011. But have you ever wondered who’s behind that voice?

Speculations r0se as people start searching for the person behind the famous voice. Last month, a girl named Allyson Duffy was mistakenly pointed as Siri, but she then denied these reports.

Then CNN aired a video revealing the real woman behind the voice of Siri on Friday, after receiving professional opinion from an audio forensic expert.

“I believe, and I’ve lived this for 30 years, no two voices are the same…They are identical — a 100% match,” said Ed Primeau, an audio forensic expert, after analyzing her voice compatibility to Siri.

Her name is Susan Bennett, a 40-year-old woman who lives in Atlanta and an accomplished voice actor for many companies. “I am the original voice of Siri,” she claimed.  She’s the voice of ‘Tilly, The All-Time Teller’ in a National Bank ATM machine. Her voice can also be heard in many GPS systems, telephone systems, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Mc Donalds, and more.

Bennett said that she signed a contract for a job, in July 2005. That is when Siri voices were recorded, four hours a day for the whole month. She heard her recorded voices, but absolutely had no idea where they would end up.

 The first time she heard the voice of Siri was when her friend emailed her and said, “Hey, we’ve been playing around with this new Apple phone. Isn’t this you?”

She then checked the Apple site and found it was true.  “When I first discovered that it was my voice, honestly it was a little bit creepy. I’m used to hearing my voice to the airport but, this real thing that you can interact on in your hands, it took a while for me to get used to it. But Suri and I are friends now,” Bennett said.

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