Facebook Getting Heat Over Beheading Video

Facebook is getting a lot of heat lately not only from regular users but also from world leaders. This is in response to the beheading videos that have been allowed in the social media giant’s site.

On his Twitter account, British Prime Minister David Cameron called Facebook ‘irresponsible’ for allowing users to post these types of video with out any warning.

“It’s irresponsible of Facebook to post beheading videos, especially without a warning. They must explain their actions to worried parents,” Cameron said on his Tweet.

However, this latest move by Facebook is being condemned by at least one of its advertisers. Zipcar, a car-sharing company said that they are dismayed because their ads are showing right next to the disturbing videos.

“We want you to know that we do not condone this type of abhorrent content being circulated on Facebook,” Zipcar said.

On one particular video uploaded on Facebook, it showed the execution of an unidentified woman being perform by a masked man, believed to have been shot in Mexico.

It was learned that Facebook temporarily removed its ban on these and similar gruesome videos.  The social media site confirmed that they had permitted the video on their site, and allowed such content because it did not violate Facebook’s current policy and that people had the rights to share and expose “the world in which we live in.”

On a prepared statement, Facebook said:

“People are sharing this video on Facebook to condemn it.  Just as TV news programs often show upsetting images of atrocities, people can share upsetting videos on Facebook to raise awareness of actions or causes.

While this video is shocking, our approach is designed to preserve people’s rights to describe, depict and comment on the world which we live in.”

However, Facebook adds that  they will make sure that a system is in place to give users additional control over the content they do not want to see.

“Facebook has long been a place where people turn to share their experiences, particularly when they’re connected to controversial events on the ground, such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism and other violent events,” Facebook said.

(Photo: Facebook.com)
(Photo: Facebook.com)

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  1. I think both parties has a point…but could we use this kind of media, to track the culprits of such crimes against people? for example: FBI has to have a task force focused on this cases, videos posted on Facebook, Youtube, LiveLeak and other social mediums, should be traced where is the source and investigate who are the responsible to stop this kind of gruesome acts and make sure they’re punished.

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