An Odd Nose Job: Growing a New Nose

Xiaolian, with his new nose growing on his forehead. (Photo:
Xiaolian, with his new nose growing on his forehead. (Photo:

Under normal circumstances, an extra nose is probably the last thing you would ever want to have anywhere else in your head. But a Chinese man, named Xiaolian, had just one surgically grown in his forehead.

Apparently, the 22-year old Chinese man damaged his nose during a traffic accident August of last year, according to Daily Mail. But when the Xiaolian failed to seek treatment immediately after the accident, it resulted to a nasal infection and deformity, rendering the original nose useless.

The man had to undergo reconstructive plastic surgery, known as flap prefabrication. Surgeons at a Chinese hospital in Fuzhuo, Fujian had to take some cartilage tissue from the man’s ribs, shape it into a nose, and implant it beneath the man’s forehead to grow.

The tissue had since grown into a fully-formed nose, and surgeons are preparing the procedure to transplant it into its proper place within a month.

This may not be the first time that a nose was grown in other body parts, but this is the first time it was grown on a forehead.

Previously, a British man who lost his nose in a cancer had one grown on his arm.

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